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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering Spring, 1994 CE 8913 - Solid Waste Management Homework Assignment No. 6 (Problems preceded by "☼" are NOT to be answered if you are taking this class for undergraduate credit . 1. Based on your waste management plan, or through inspection of what data is available for the county you have selected, determine the following: a. The rate of solid waste generated today and estimated to be generated in 2012. b. What material should be removed from this waste stream if the 25% reduction goal is to be met. c. The rate at which the materials in b. above are currently being generated. d. The value, if any, of those materials in b. above if they were recycled. Ignore transportation costs, landfill avoidance costs, etc. 2. Using the data collected above, and any other data you deem appropriate: a. Estimate the amount of land that would be needed for a landfill to serve this community for the next twenty years. Assume the maximum landfill depth will be
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