8833-TP.f97 - its relationship in the sludge treatment scheme types of sludges which can be impacted by this process design considerations and an

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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering CE 8833: Sludge Treatment and Disposal Fall 1997 The following is a listing of selected topics for term paper development and presentation which pertain to the treatment and/or disposal of sludges and from which selection by the students is to be made on a mutually exclusively basis: 1. A Comparison of Alternative Methods of Composting Sewage Sludge 2. Biological Conversion of Sludges to Energy (Methane Generation) 3. Metals In Municipal and Industrial Sludge: Significance and Solution 4. Solidification of Organic and Inorganic Sludges 5. Characteristic, Management, and Minimization of Petroleum Industry Sludges 6. Land Farming 7. Pyrolysis The paper is to follow standard engineering format with regard to its style and footnoting. The general content of the paper should constitute a literature review of the process with regard to the
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Unformatted text preview: its relationship in the sludge treatment scheme, types of sludges which can be impacted by this process, design considerations, and an evaluation as to the applicability of this process to modern sludge treatment and disposal. Grading will be based on these components plus the document's completeness and style. The presentation of the paper will be a technical forum and should utilized audio/visual aids as deemed appropriate by the author. The audience will be invited to ask questions. Grading will be based on both presentation and audience participation. The final grade for this document will be developed as 3/4 paper and 1/4 presentation. This grade will make up 1/4 of the homework grade....
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