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CE 8833 Read. #3 - The Role of Solids Retention Time,...

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CE 8833 Sludge Treatment and Disposal Fall 2002 Reading Assignment #3 Journals: Bhattacharya, S.K.; Madura, R.L; Walling, D.A.; and Farrell, J.B. (1996) “Volatile Solids Reduction in Two-Phase and Conventional Anaerobic Sludge Digestion,” Water Res., (G.B.), 30, 1041. Chu, A.; Mavanic, D.S.; Ramsey, W.D.; and Kelly, H.G. (1996) “A Biochemical Model Describing Volatile Fatty Acid Metabolism in Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Wastewater Sludge,” Water Res., (G.B.) 30, 1759. Elefsniotis, P., and Oldham, W.K. (1994b) “Effect of HRT on Acidogenic Digestion of Primary Sludge,” J. Environ. Eng., 120, 645. Elefsniotis, P., and Oldham, W.K. (1994c) “Anaerobic Acidogenesis of Primary Sludge:
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Unformatted text preview: The Role of Solids Retention Time, Biotechnical. Bioeng., 44, 7. Fongastitkul, P., et al. (1994) A 2-Phased Anaerobic Digestion Process Concept, Process Failure and Maximum System Loading Rate, Water Environ. Res., 66, 243. Ghosh, S., et al. (1995) Pilot and Full-Scale Two-Phase Anaerobic Digestion fo Municipal Sludge, Water Environ. Res., 67, 206. Hernandez, M., and Jenkins, D. (1994) The Fate of Nocardia in Anaerobic Digestion, Water Environ. Res., 66, 828. Knezevic, Z., et al. (1995) Pilot Scale Evaluation of Anaerobic Codigestion of Primary and Pretreated Waste Activated Sludge, Water Environ. Res., 67, 835....
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