CE 8833 Read #1

CE 8833 Read #1 - Waste Biomass,” J Environ. Eng., 119,...

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CE 8833 Sludge Treatment and Disposal Fall 2002 Reading Assignment #1 Journals: Churchill, S.A., et al. (1995) “Sorption of Heavy Metals by Prepared Bacterial Cell Surfaces,” J. Environ. Eng., 121, 706. Dharmappa, H.B., et al. (1994b) “Water Treatment System Design for Turbidity Removal II Optimization,” J. Environ. Eng., 120, 921. Garvey, D., et al. (1993) “Sludge Disposal Trends Around the Globe,” Water Eng. Manage., 12, 17. Madoni, P., et al. (1993) “Comparative Analysis of Activated Sludge Microfauna in Several Treatment Works,” Water Res., 27, 1485. Nagaendra Rao, C.R., et al. (1993) “Sorption of Copper (II) from Aqueous Phase by
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Unformatted text preview: Waste Biomass,” J Environ. Eng., 119, 369. Raider, R. (1994) “A Solid Approach to Risk Assessment,” Water Environ. Technol., 6, 40. Seiger, R.B., and Hermann, G.J. (1993) “Land Application Requ of the New Sludge Rules,” Water Eng. Manage., 8, 30. Villarosa, L., et al. (1994) “Effect of Activated Sludge Microparticles on Pesticide Partitioning Behavior,” Environ. Sci. Technol., 28, 1916. Wilson, S.C., et al. (1994) “Volatile Organic Compounds in Digested United Kingdom Sewage Sludges,” Environ. Sci. Technol., 28, 259....
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