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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering CE8833: Sludge Treatment and Disposal Fall 2002 Exam 1 D. D. Truax Name: ________________________________________________ Using the exam as a cover, present your solutions on separate paper in numerical order. Attach the solution sheets to this exam with a staple in the upper left-hand corner. Clearly and neatly present your solutions with the final answer clearly indicated (e.g., circled, boxed, underlined) and start each problem on a new sheet. If a reference other than your notes is used, cite that reference. No help may be given or received on this exam. Each of the following problems is of equal value. 1. With regard to sludge, briefly: a) define what the term "sludge" is used to represent, b) discuss the problems which they can cause, c) explain the significance of any three of the parameters used to characterize sludge, d) define what happens during the lime stabilization process, e) define why and when sludge conditioning is needed, and f) discuss the pathways that pathogens can be transmitted to man from sludge. 2. Water is a major component of all raw sludges. a) define the four different forms in which water exists in raw sludges. b) approximate the typical distribution (in percent) for each form. c) define a category of sludge treatment processes (e.g., stabilization) which best addresses the removal of each of the forms of water. 3. There are numerous considerations in defining sludge treatment needs.
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8833-1.f97 - Mississippi State University Department of...

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