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Mississippi State University Department of Civil Engineering CE 8833: Sludge Treatment and Disposal Spring, 1987 Truax Name:_______________________________ (10%) 1. Define what a sludge is and briefly discuss the problems which they can cause. (15%) 2. Moisture content is one of the major characteristics used to evaluate sludges. a) What are two others and what are their significances? b) What is the typical distribution of water in a sludge, and how does this relate to the efficiency of dewatering processes (e.g.;thickening, dewatering, etc)? (15%) 3. List three of of the non-technical matters which will impact the need for, and methods of, treating sludges and explain their significance. (15%) 4. With regard to the technical considerations of sludge treatment, a) explain the impact that sludge treatment system can have on the "source" system, b) explain the impact that the "source" system can have on sludge treatment system, and c) define the basic selection criteria used in evaluation processes. (20%) 5. Two different sludge processes (A and B) are placed in series such
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