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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week2 1. Submitting a program and using help facility a. Select the p102e01.sas program. b. Submit the program for execution. Based on the report in the Output window, how many row and columns are in the report? 238 rows and 3 columns c. Examine the Log window. Based on the log notes, how many observations and variables are in the Work.country data set? The data set WORK.COUNTRY has 238 observations and 2 variables. d. Clear the Log and output windows. e. Use the Help facility to find documentation about the LINESIZE=option. Go to the CONTENTS tab in the SAS Help and Documentation. Select SAS Products ►Base SAS ►SAS Language Dictionary ► Dictionary of Language Elements ► SAS System Options ► LINESIZE = System Option. What is an alias for the LINESIZE=system option? LS= 2. Identifying SAS components a. With the appropriate Editor window active, type the following SAS program: proc setinit; run; (The SETINIT procedure produces a list of the SAS components licensed at a given time). b. Submit the program for execution and then look at the results in the Log window. Partial SAS log Product expiration dates: ---Base Product 28FEB2011 ---SAS/STAT 28FEB2011 ---SAS/GRAPH 28FEB2011 ---SAS/ETS 28FEB2011 .... ....
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3. Diagnosing and correcting a misspelled word a. Include the SAS program p103e01 and submit the program. b. Are there any errors in the SAS log? The following error message is appeared in the SAS log. 339 proc prnt data=work.country; ERROR: Procedure PRNT not found. 340
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Exercise_Week2_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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