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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week5 1. Reading a Comma-Delimited Raw Data File. a. Open p107e01. Add the appropriate LENGTH, INFILE and INPUT statements to read the comma-delimited raw data file named, newemps.csv . Partial Raw Data File b. The following variables should be read into the program data vector: Name Type Length First Character 12 Last Character 18 Title Character 25 Salary Numeric 8 c. Submit the program to create the following PROC PRINT report (First 5 of 71 observations) Obs First Last Title Salary 1 Satyakam Denny Sales Rep. II 26780 2 Monica Kletschkus Sales Rep. IV 30890 3 Kevin Lyon Sales Rep. I 26955 4 Petrea Soltau Sales Rep. II 27440 Satyakam,Denny,Sales Rep. II,26780 Monica,Kletschkus,Sales Rep. IV,30890 Kevin,Lyon,Sales Rep. I,26955 Petrea,Soltau,Sales Rep. II,27440 Marina,Iyengar,Sales Rep. III,29715 data work.NewEmployees; length First $ 12 Last $ 18 Title $ 25 Salary 8 ; infile 'newemps.csv' dlm=','; input First $ Last $ Title $ Salary ; run ; proc print data=work.NewEmployees; run ;
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2. Reading a Space-Delimited Raw Data File with Spaces in Data Values a. Write a DATA step to create a new data set named Work.us_customers by reading the space-delimited raw data file named, custus.dat. Partial Raw Data File The following variables should be created in the data set Work.us_customers : Name Type Length Name Character 20 ID Numeric 8 Gender Character 1 BirthDate Numeric 8 Age Numeric 8 AgeGroup Character 12 NOTE: In the raw data, the names are enclosed in quotation marks. Delimiters within the value should be treated as character data. Option
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Exercise_Week5_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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