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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week6 1. Cleaning DATA from orion.price_current a. Retrieve the following starter program. b. Add a DATA step prior to the PROC steps to read orion.price_current to create Work.price_current . In the DATA step, include two conditional IF- THEN statements to correct the following invalid data: Variable Obs Invalid value Correct value Reference variable Unit_Sales_Price 41 5730 57.30 Product_ID=220200200022 Unit_Sales_Price 103 . 41.20 Product_ID=240200100056 c. Submit the program. Verify that Unit_Sales_Price is in the numeric range of 3 - 800. The prices are in the range of 3-800. Output of PROC UNIVARIATE proc means data =work.price_current n min max ; var Unit_Sales_Price; run ; proc univariate data =work.price_current; var Unit_Sales_Price; run ; data price_current; set orion.price_current; if Product_ID= 220200200022 then Unit_Sales_Price= 57.30 ; else if Product_ID= 240200100056 then Unit_Sales_Price= 41.20 ; run ; ----Lowest---- ----Highest---- Value Obs Value Obs 6.5 6 519.3 67 8.5 76 533.2 126 8.9 73 536.3 132 10.5 30 568.1 68 11.1 24 630.4 127
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Output of PROC MEAN 2. Creating Three New Variables a. Write a DATA step to read orion.customer to create Work.birthday. b. In the DATA step, create three new variables,
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Exercise_Week6_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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