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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week7 1. Concatenating Unlike-Structured Data Sets a. Submit the following TWO PROC CONTENTS steps to compare the variables in the two data sets. What are the names of the two variables that are different in the two data sets? orion.sales orion.nonsales First_Name First Last_Name Last b. Add a DATA step after the PROC CONTENTS steps to concatenate orion.sales and orion.nonsales to create a new data set called work.allemployees . Use a RENAME=data set option to change the names of the different variables in orion.nonsales . Include only the following five variables: Employee_ID, First_Name, Last_Name, Job_Title, and Salary. c. Add OPTIONS statement to print the date and time, and specify the staring page number equals 1. Add titles and a footnote in PROC PRINT step to create the following report: proc contents data =orion.sales; run ; proc contents data =orion.nonsales; run ;
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The first page of PROC PRINT output. Orion Star Employee Report 1 12:54 Saturday, August 28, 2010 Australia, 2010 Employee First Last ID Name Name Salary Job Title 120102 Tom Zhou 108,255 Sales Manager 120103 Wilson Dawes 87,975 Sales Manager 120121 Irenie Elvish 26,600 Sales Rep. II 120122 Christina Ngan 27,475 Sales Rep. II 120123 Kimiko Hotstone 26,190 Sales Rep. I 120124 Lucian Daymond 26,480 Sales Rep. I 120125 Fong Hofmeister 32,040 Sales Rep. IV 120126 Satyakam Denny 26,780 Sales Rep. II 120127 Sharryn Clarkson 28,100 Sales Rep. II 120128 Monica Kletschkus 30,890 Sales Rep. IV 120129 Alvin Roebuck 30,070 Sales Rep. III 120130 Kevin Lyon 26,955 Sales Rep. I 120131 Marinus Surawski 26,910 Sales Rep. I 120132 Fancine Kaiser 28,525 Sales Rep. III 120133 Petrea Soltau 27,440 Sales Rep. II 120134 Sian Shannan 28,015 Sales Rep. II 120135 Alexei Platts 32,490 Sales Rep. IV 120136 Atul Leyden 26,605 Sales Rep. I 120137
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Exercise_Week7_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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