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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week 9 1. Defined Ranges in User-Defined Formats a. PROC PRINT step is given as the following. b. Create a character format named $gender that displays gender codes as follows. F Female M Male Any other value Invalid code c. Create a numeric format named salrange that displays salary ranges as follows: At least 20,000 but less than 100,000 Below $100,000 At least 100,000 and up to 500,000 $100,000 or more` Missing Missing salary Any other value Invalid salary d. In the PROC PRINT step, apply these two user-defined formats to the Gender and Salary variables, respectively. e. The title is ‘Distribution of Salary and Gender Values for Non-Sales Employees’ that is displayed as the following box. f. Submit the program to produce the following report: Partial PROC PRINT output (first 10 observations) proc print data =orion.nonsales; var Employee_ID Job_Title Salary Gender; run ; Distribution of Salary and Gender Values for Non-Sales Employees 13:15 Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Obs Employee_ID Job_Title Salary Gender 1 120101 Director $100,000 or more Male 2 120104 Administration Manager Below $100,000 Female 3 120105 Secretary I Below $100,000 Female 4 120106 Office Assistant II Missing salary Male 5 120107 Office Assistant III Below $100,000 Female 6 120108 Warehouse Assistant II Below $100,000 Female 7 120108 Warehouse Assistant I Below $100,000 Female 8 120110 Warehouse Assistant III Below $100,000 Male 9 120111 Security Guard II Below $100,000 Male 10 120112 Below $100,000 Female
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2. Subsetting and Grouping Observations a. Add a PROC SORT step to sort the observations in orion.order_fact based on the
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Exercise_Week8_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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