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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week 11 1. Extracting Characters Based on Position The data set orion.newcompetitors has data on competing retail stores that recently opened near existing Orion Start locations. a. Orion Star would like a data set containing only the small retail stores from these observations. Create a new variable, Country , that contains the first two characters of ID . Create a new variable , Store_Code , that contains the other characters from the value in ID . Left justify the value so that there are no leading blacks. The first character in the value of Store_Code indicates the size of the store, and 1 is the code for a small retail store. Write a program to output only the small retail store observations. Make sure that the City values appear in proper case. b. Display the columns Store_Code, Country, City, and Postal_Code. New Small-Store Competitors Store_ Postal_ Code Country City Code 15301W AU Perth 6002 12217E AU Sydney 2000 150 CA Toronto M5V 3C6
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Exercise_Week11_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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