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MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR STATISTICAL ANALYSIS SEMESTER 2, 2010 Lab exercise Week 12 - Answers 1. Using Arrays for Repetitive Computations Monthly customer order data for the first half of the year is stored in the data set orion.orders_midyear. Orion Star Sales management is considering a 10-percent price decrease during the first three months of the upcoming year. Management wants to see how such a discount would affect this year’s sales. a. Create a data set, special_offer , including the 10-percent discount in months 1 through 3. Create a new variable , Mon , to access Month1 through Month3. Use a DO loop to adjust each customer’s monthly data to include the 10- percent discount ( Month1 through Month3 only). Create three new variables: - Total_Sales – total of current sales over the six months - Projected_Sales – the total of the adjusted sales over the six months (including the three discounted months) - Difference – the difference between Total_Sales and Projected_Sales Keep only the new variables: Total_Sales , Projected_Sales and Difference . b. Print the resulting data set and verify your results. Suppress the session start date, page number, and observation column. Add an appropriate title. Use the SUM statement to display a total for the Difference variable. Use the DOLLAR. Format for all variables.
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Total Sales with 10% Discount in First Three Months Total_ Projected_ Sales Sales Difference $1,803.04 $1,733.93 $69.11 $9,186.41 $8,838.50 $347.91 $148.58 $140.76 $7.82 $601.62 $576.30 $25.32 $86.00 $83.06 $2.94
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Exercise_Week12_Answer - MATH2871 DATA MANAGEMENT FOR...

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