Week 6 Team F Implementation Rough Draft Rev D - numbers in...

Week 6 Team F Implementation Rough Draft Rev D
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Unformatted text preview: numbers in the above char t are fictitious. M a n s f i e l d - D u h a r t P a g e | 1 William Clifton Mansfield Christopher Duhart Team F TM600 Capstone Course Project Professor Ira Kucheck June 12, 2011 Travel Incorporated Telecommunications Version 1.0 June 12, 2011 M a n s f i e l d - D u h a r t P a g e | 2 VERSION HISTORY The purpose of this version history log area is to provide information on how the development and distribution of the Project Implementation Plan has been controlled and tracked. The reason for providing this version is to submit an initial plan to Travel Incorporated for the upgrade of the existing telecommunications national fixed and mobile systems pertaining to voice, video and data. Version # Implemented By Revision Date Approved By Approval Date Reason 1.0 Cliff Mansfield Chris Duhart June 10, 2011 Cliff Mansfield Chris Duhart June 10, 2011 For submission to Travel Inc. M a n s f i e l d - D u h a r t P a g e | 3 Table of Contents Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this document is to provide an implementation plan to Travel Incorporated for a national rollout of upgrades and new installations for voice, video, and data to the entire Enterprise network. 1.2 System Overview The system overview consists of Travel Incorporated systems located throughout the United States in areas pertaining to IT, Data, Voice, and Video needs. 1.2.1 System Description An overview of the processes which this system is intended to support includes multiple databases including Oracle, SQL, and WEB-based SAN. Data included in these databases are used by all entities of Travel Inc., including mobile and home-based telecommuters who provide travel, hotel, and associated ticketing needs for clients in the United States. Additional support is directed at replacing existing routers, servers, mainframe computers, legacy PBX/ACD systems, new VoIP solutions, LAN and WAN infrastructure, WEB-based servers, wireless and teleconference equipment. 1.2.2 Assumptions and Constraints Some items to consider when identifying the assumptions and constraints are: o Schedule - The schedule for this implementation plan is 12 months and will be a phased approach. o Budget - Allocations for the budget of this plan is $1.5 Million Dollars. o Resource availability and skill sets, o Software and other technology to be reused or purchased include Microsoft 2003 Enterprise Server, Oracle Database, o Constraints associated with product interfaces include mobile software applications and compatibility. Databases for specific locations and functionality will need to be utilized throughout the company. 1.2.3 System Organization The system organization for this project has been incorporated in the planning and design phase with Excel spreadsheets and Visio drawings provided in prior reports. These documents explain the overall existing and proposed hardware and software for all sites. M a n s f i e l d - D u h a r t P a g e | 4 2 Management Overview Corporate will oversee all implementation tasks while at the same time, specific individuals at...
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