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SM 2 - Correct Answer Dogs Question marks Your Answer...

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  Strategic Management 2     1
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  Your Answer   by research agencies , by consultants     True/False   Question   Changes in company structure also necessitates changes in the systems in various  degrees   Correct Answer   True   Your Answer   True    Multiple Choice Multiple Answer   Question   Three important managerial qualities required for the effective strategic management   Correct Answer   Conceptual, human & intellectual skills , Decision making ability , Vision    Your Answer   Conceptual, human & intellectual skills , Decision making ability , Vision     Select The Blank   Question   Strategic evaluation determines the effectiveness of ________   Correct Answer   Strategy   Your Answer   Strategy    Multiple Choice Multiple Answer   Question   Harveststrategy is used for
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Unformatted text preview: Correct Answer Dogs , Question marks Your Answer Question marks , Stars Select The Blank Question ________ models can be described as a system that describe how pieces of business fit together. Correct Answer Business Your Answer Business Multiple Choice Single Answer Question Strategic management deals with Correct Answer Business process Your Answer Business process True/False Question Macro environment has got immediate impact on business. Correct Answer False Your Answer False 2 The benefits of a change in process are defined in terms of cost savings Getting new users is a position defense strategy. True False 3...
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