SM 7 - portion for individuals, sections &...

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  Strategic Management 7     1
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 Select The Blank   Question   ________cost accounting measures the cost of producing and ignores the cost of non- producing   Correct Answer   Traditional   Your Answer   Traditional    Select The Blank   Question   ETOP stands for ________.   Correct Answer     Your Answer      Select The Blank   Question   ________ is the company's most critical and scarest resource.   Correct Answer   Capital   Your Answer   Labour    True/False   Question   HR implementation involues a series of action programme like production, estimation of    Correct Answer   False   Your Answer   False    Multiple Choice Single Answer   Question   It is the process of analyzing, dividing and arranging work or activities into manageable 
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Unformatted text preview: portion for individuals, sections & departments Correct Answer departmentation Your Answer departmentation True/False Question Undec the social goals the responsibilities with regard to employees includes prociding maximum possible satisfaction to consumer providing quality goods & services at reasonable prices. Correct Answer False Your Answer True Multiple Choice Single Answer Question At this strategic level, the effort is directed at assessing how well the organisation is pursuing a given strategy Correct Answer Operational evaluation Your Answer Strategic evaluation True/False 2 3...
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SM 7 - portion for individuals, sections &...

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