cartpend_plot_m - NRG_AB Check_AB(s(UNITS(UNITS(UNITS t =...

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Sheet1 Page 1 function cartpend_plot close all cartpend_check MotionData = load( 'cartpend_check.1' ) % t q1 q2 % (s) (m) (deg) t = MotionData(:,1) q1 = MotionData(:,2) q2 = MotionData(:,3) plot(t,q1,'r-',t,q2,'g-') xlabel('Time (sec)') ylabel('Gen coord (m or deg)') legend('q1','q2') CheckingData = load( 'cartpend_check.2' ) % t L_AB_N1
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Unformatted text preview: NRG_AB Check_AB % (s) (UNITS) (UNITS) (UNITS) t = CheckingData(:,1) L_AB_N1 = CheckingData(:,2) NRG_AB = CheckingData(:,3) Check_AB = CheckingData(:,4) figure plot(t,L_AB_N1,'r-',t,NRG_AB,'g-',t,Check_AB,'b-') xlabel('Time (sec)') ylabel('Checking value (units)') legend('L\_AB\_N1','NRG\_AB','Check\_AB')...
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