Ex5-2 - variables z q1=z q2=2*z q3=3*z p_o_p>=p_o_p>...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Ex5-2.al % Set up problem frames a,b,c,d points o,p variables q{3} constants r % Define rotation matrices simprot(a,b,-2,q1) simprot(b,c,-1,q2) simprot(c,d,-2,q3) % Define p_o_p> in reference frame d p_o_p>=r*d1> % Express p_o_p> in reference frames c and b express(p_o_p>,c) express(p_o_p>,b) % Define q1, q2, and q3 in terms of z autorhs all overwrite on
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Unformatted text preview: variables z q1=z q2=2*z q3=3*z p_o_p>=p_o_p> % Take derivative of p_o_p> with respect to z in frame b deriv_in_b>=d(p_o_p>,z,b) % Take derivative of p_o_p> with respect to z in frame c express(p_o_p>,c) deriv_in_c>=d(p_o_p>,z,c) % Check if the two derivatives are equal diff>=deriv_in_b>-express(deriv_in_c>,b) expand(diff>)...
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