Ex7-2 - % Approach 1 p_q_o>=3*a3>

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Sheet1 Page 1 % Ex7-2.al % Set up problem frames a points o,q,r particles p{4} mass p1=1,p2=2,p3=3,p4=4 % Create position vectors needed to form i_o>> from definition p_o_p1>=2*a2> p_o_p2>=4*a1>+2*a2> p_o_p3>=4*a1> p_o_p4>=4*a1>+2*a2>-3*a3> % Calculate i_o>> from definition 4*(1>>*dot(p_o_p4>,p_o_p4>)-p_o_p4>*p_o_p4>) express(i_s_o>>,a) % Calculate i_o>> using Autolev shortcut command i_s_o_alt>>=inertia(o) express(i_s_o_alt>>,a) % Verify that both approaches give the same result i_diff>>=i_s_o>>-i_s_o_alt>> % Now compute i_q>> using three different approaches: % 1. The definition of an inertia matrix % 2. The Autolev "inertia" command % 3. The equation relating the inertia dyadics for two points
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Unformatted text preview: % Approach 1 p_q_o>=3*a3> i_s_q1>>=1*(1>>*dot(p_q_p1>,p_q_p1>)-p_q_p1>*p_q_p1>)+& 2*(1>>*dot(p_q_p2>,p_q_p2>)-p_q_p2>*p_q_p2>)+& 3*(1>>*dot(p_q_p3>,p_q_p3>)-p_q_p3>*p_q_p3>)+& 4*(1>>*dot(p_q_p4>,p_q_p4>)-p_q_p4>*p_q_p4>) express(i_s_q1>>,a) % Approach 2 i_s_q2>>=inertia(q) express(i_s_q2>>,a) % Approach 3 i_o_q>>=(1+2+3+4)*(1>>*dot(p_q_o>,p_q_o>)-p_q_o>*p_q_o>) i_s_q3>>=i_s_o>>+i_o_q>> express(i_s_q3>>,a) i_diff1>>=i_s_q1>>-i_s_q2>> i_diff2>>=i_s_q2>>-i_s_q3>> Sheet1 Page 2 i_p1_o>>=1*(1>>*dot(p_o_p1>,p_o_p1>)-p_o_p1>*p_o_p1>) express(i_p1_o>>,a) i_p1_q>>=1*(1>>*dot(p_q_p1>,p_q_p1>)-p_q_p1>*p_q_p1>) express(i_p1_q>>,a) i_p1_parallel>>=1*(1>>*dot(p_q_o>,p_q_o>)-p_q_o>*p_q_o>) express(i_p1_parallel>>,a) i_p1_diff>>=i_p1_q>>-i_p1_o>> express(i_p1_diff>>,a)...
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Ex7-2 - % Approach 1 p_q_o>=3*a3>

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