Lecture 13 - Great Depression (1)

Lecture 13 - Great Depression (1) - The Great Depression...

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Unformatted text preview: The Great Depression Outline Origins Market Crash Life in the Great Depression – – – – – International Hardships Dust Bowl Response Culture Government Response Dorothea Lange, “Migrant Mother” Origins 1920s Prosperity Weaknesses Hoover’s initial actions Market Crash Life in the Great Depression International aspect Hardships – Loss of savings, unemployment, foreclosures, homelessness, soup lines, other Dust Bowl Response – Veterans’ March – Farmers and unions – Informal Culture Goodwell, Okla. Chris Johns, National Geographic Government Response Hoover – Approach – Actions FDR – Election G. B. Inwood, Life Magazine, Jan 9, 1931 Discussion Dorothea Lange photographs Constituent Letters to the Roosevelts Dorothea Lange Personal History Paper Due April 26, 7pm via SafeAssign – 4­5 pages Purpose – Analyze a major theme in US history since 1865 – Connect that theme to something personal to you and to your personal history Two options – Family history – Hometown/USC history One theme within US history since 1865 – how it intersected your family/hometown/USC – Analysis, not narrative and not descriptive – Be creative with topics and sources – May need limited outside research I’m happy to help with brainstorming, topics, sources, ideas, etc Detailed assignment posted on Blackboard ...
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