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Unformatted text preview: HIST 112: Intro to US History Since 1865 Today’s Agenda Welcome Class Overview Expectations Introductions Welcome Attendance Notecards – Name – Preferred Name/Name you want me to call you for four months – Hometown – Year and major – Preferred email/Email that you actually check on a regular basis – Special accommodations, if applicable Welcome Instructor Ann Tucker Contact info – Email – [email protected] – Gambrell Hall 140 Office Hours by appointment – I am available most days, so don’t be afraid to ask! Class Overview What is history? – What do you think? What have you experienced? – What do you expect/want to learn in this course? – What do historians do? What does that mean for this course? What are my goals for your learning? – Understand the major narrative of US history since 1865 – Learn how to interpret historical sources – Learn how to analyze historical information – Learn how to express historical analysis, both verbally (class discussion) and in written form (papers, exams) – Learn how to write a history paper Class Overview Syllabus Class Structure – Lecture – powerpoints will be posted on Blackboard after lecture is presented – Discussion, based on readings Questions, concerns, etc Class Overview How to approach this class – Before class Be prepared – complete the readings before class – During class Participate – I want everyone to speak at least once per week in discussion – but coming to office hours, asking questions, etc, also counts as participation Take notes – organize info according to outline – In general Think in terms of broad patterns, themes, trends, and significance Complete assignments to the best of your ability. Turn in assignments on time Ask for help if you need it – as soon as you know you need it – Additional Assistance Writing Center – HU Classroom Bldg 014 ACE Center (study skills) – make appt online Expectations Thou shalt behave at all times as an adult, and thou shalt take responsibility for thy performance in this class Thy shalt comport thyself in a respectful manner Thou shalt arrive to class on time rather than wandering in 15 minutes late Thou shalt come to class prepared and engaged rather than sitting in class like wilting vegetables Thou shalt not “pack up” five minutes before class ends, acting as if you are fleeing a burning building Source: Dr. Stephen Berry, UGA ­ Amended Expectations Thou shalt not cheat, steal, plagiarize or otherwise disgrace your good name Thou shalt communicate with the instructor, and provide advance notice of absences, missed assignments, etc Thou shalt take notes Thou shalt ask questions whenever necessary or desired Thou shalt understand that my door is open and I really do care Source: Dr. Stephen Berry, UGA ­ Amended Expectations I shalt come to class prepared, engaged, and on time I shalt answer your emails in a timely manner I shalt grade your papers and exams in a timely manner I shalt try not talk too softly or too quickly I shalt try to present information in an organized, comprehensible manner Source: Dr. Stephen Berry, UGA ­ Amended Expectations I shalt not pass off my opinions as historical fact I shalt not provide BS answers I shalt not present history as something duller than dirt I shalt commit the radical step of actually being in my office during any and all meetings I shalt respect your comments, opinions, and time Source: Dr. Stephen Berry, UGA ­ Amended Introductions Instructor Introduction Student Introductions – Name – Major – Hometown – Class Year Icebreaker Introductions M&Ms Icebreaker – Yellow – favorite history trivia question/something you’d like to know about history – Red – most influential classes you’ve taken at USC – Green – favorite places you’ve visited/places you want to visit – Blue – favorite historical figures/events/etc – Orange – why did you… choose to attend USC/pick your major/take this class Questions? ? Next Class The Civil War and the American Nation­State Readings: “I Take Up My Pen: Letters from the Civil War,” Gilder Lehrman Institute. Read introduction by Robert Bonner; CSA letters by Clegg, Christian Epperly (2nd letter), Tate; Union letters by Damuth, John P. Jones. ...
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