The Quest for Black Holes

The Quest for Black Holes - o said that gravity is a...

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The Quest for Black Holes every pulsar is a neutron star, but not every neutron star is a pulsar neutron stars have very strong magnetic field can only see pulsars when the radio waves are facing towards us o because of the fast rotation Neutron stars are so dense and have such a great gravitational field that Newton’s laws do not apply o have to use Einstein’s theory of relativity General theory of Relativity o matter and energy warp space and time, causing paths of objects (including light) to curve. Most obvious if massive, dense region
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Unformatted text preview: o said that gravity is a warping of the shape of space and time o Tests of relativity precession of Mercury’s orbit – only 43 seconds of arc per century Bending of starlight in the vicinity of the Sun – eclipses Light redshifted as it comes out of gravitational field o Best Evidence for general relativity comes from a binary pulsar orbital period decreasing due to emission of gravitational waves • stars spiral inward also precession of orbits- orbits of pulsar relative to neutron star...
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