Exam 3 Topics 2011 Spring

Exam 3 Topics 2011 Spring - • Application Controls(30 o...

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Acct 404 Exam 3 Topics Spring 2011 I anticipate 100 multiple choice questions. Internal Controls (25%)* o Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 o COSO COSO cube, five component model Definition of internal control Control activities Authorization Supervision Adequate accounting records Access controls Independent verification Segregation of accounting duties Classes of control activities o Financial statement assertions Pervasive v. specific controls o Fraud Triangle Sources of fraud and risk Types and components of fraud General Computer Controls (20%) o Security (including issues related to biometric access controls and personal devices) o Segregation of MIS duties o Uptime controls Backups Contingency planning (five components of disaster recovery plan, types of facilities, etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Application Controls (30%) o Input controls (there are a lot of controls here and so there are lots of questions) Edit tests Default and lookup values Prompts Other o Processing controls Locks, prompts, etc. o Output controls • System Development Life Cycle (25%) o Four phases of the SDLC o Specific tasks within each phase o Role of the steering committee o Role of accountants o Characteristics of and how to achieve a successful system o Application of SDLC and control concepts to spreadsheets *Estimates of the relative weights of each section on the exam. These are only estimates because I haven’t created the exam yet....
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Exam 3 Topics 2011 Spring - • Application Controls(30 o...

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