Exam 2 2011 Spring Topics

Exam 2 2011 Spring Topics - • File operations (updating,...

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Exam 2 Topics -- Acct 404 Spring 2011 Part 1 – Questions from the readings (pages 29 – 110) and lectures (my goal is 50 questions worth a total of 100 points): Steps in the accounting cycle Events within the sales and purchasing transaction cycles Distinguish between general and subsidiary ledgers Role of source documents and how they are structured Dataflow within the sales and purchasing transaction cycles Use of information technology in the sales and purchasing transaction cycles Recognizing and naming event, activities, and triggers Purpose and characteristics of master files and transaction files and their data
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Unformatted text preview: • File operations (updating, recording, and maintaining) • Insert, delete, and update anomalies • UML • Activity diagrams and other types of AIS documentation (flowcharts) • Purpose and use of primary and foreign keys within tables • Key terms Part 2 – Problem • Define tables (including keys and non-key data) from an activity diagram and sample source documents (50 points) Part 3 – Take home • Construct an overview activity diagram in Excel – see blackboard (50 points)...
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