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Perdisco Peachtree Assignment - MEMORANDUM To: From: Date:...

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MEMORANDUM To: ACCT 404 Students From: Dr. Tuttle Date: Spring 2011 Semester Subject: Perdisco/Peachtree Practice Set When you get done with this assignment, I expect you to be able to set up a small business on a computer. But more importantly, you will build an experiential foundation that will allow you to better grasp the conceptual material in this section of the course. This assignment has the following specific learning objectives: Application learning objectives: 1. You will learn to setup a new company using a common accounting software package, Peachtree Complete Accounting by Sage. 2. You will learn to enter transactions from the Sales/Revenue Cycle, the Purchasing/Expenditures Cycle, and the Payroll Cycle. 3. You will learn how to make adjusting entries and print reports Conceptual learning objectives: 1. You will understand transaction cycles 2. You will understand the use and need for computer controls 3. You will gain the conceptual basis needed in order to document accounting systems You need two things to complete this assignment. First, you need access to the Perdisco Peachtree Practice Set. Second, you need a copy of the Peachtree Accounting program. Practice Set All students are required to purchase and complete the online Peachtree practice set that will count towards the overall assessment grade for this unit. The practice set is an on-line tutorial that is designed to provide you with experience in the practical and technical skills essential to accounting with the Peachtree by Sage Complete Accounting software, through the completion of a one month accounting cycle for a fictional business. The practice set will provide each student with a unique accounting scenario and therefore must
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This note was uploaded on 06/14/2011 for the course ACCT 404 taught by Professor Tuttle during the Spring '11 term at South Carolina.

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Perdisco Peachtree Assignment - MEMORANDUM To: From: Date:...

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