Span 209 Redaccion 1 (sp09)

Span 209 Redaccion 1 (sp09) - SPAN 209 Redaccin 1 Nombre: _...

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Redacción 1 Nombre: _______________________________ Instrucciones: Your first composition has 3 steps: Paso 1: Complete the first step at home, to familiarize yourself with the topic and brainstorm ideas. Paso 2: Write the first draft of your composition in class. For this step you will be allowed to use the notes you prepared in Paso 1 ; you will also be permitted to use a dictionary for part of the time. Paso 3: After your professor gives you feedback on your first draft, make revisions and corrections at home. Then, turn in BOTH drafts to your professor for scoring on the due date. (NOTE: You must turn in the original first draft – the one with your professor’s feedback written on it.) Paso 1: Preparación del tema Tema: In order to improve your Spanish, you have decided to participate in an email Exchange program. Your pen- pal turned out to be, Rosario, a Spanish student studying at the University of Salamanca. You have just received an email from Rosario, and need to write a response. 1.
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Span 209 Redaccion 1 (sp09) - SPAN 209 Redaccin 1 Nombre: _...

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