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Your test will be multiple choice but these are good practice questions. Other review questions: Periodic method: 1. You purchase 1000 units of inventory at $10, 2/10, n/30. Make the entry. 2. You return 100 units of the above inventory. Make the entry. 3. You pay the freight on the above entry, $100. Make the entry. 4. The pay the invoice for the above purchase within the invoice period. Make the entry. 5. Find the Cost of Goods Sold: Beginning inventory 100,000 Ending inventory 20,000 Purchases
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Unformatted text preview: 80,000 Freight-in 1,000 Shipping expense 3,000 Purchases Returns and Allow 5,000 6. Ch 7 go back over the quizzes 7. Ch 8 Redo to 8-4B Notes Payable and Receivable Redo E8-3, E8-4 8. Ch 9 If I try to sell a bond with a stated rate of 4% and the market rate is 5%, will there Be a discount or premium? If I try to see a bond with a stated rate of 4% and the market rate is 3%, will there Be a discount or premium? 9. Appendix C See my extra time value problems....
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