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test 4 study guide - PR 4 budget setting methods Commercial...

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MKTG 350 Test 4 Study Guide Chapter 15 Supply chain management EDI RFID JIT and Q-R systems Vertical marketing systems - administered, contractual and corporate Chapter 16 Retailing - definition Retailing – unique features (from lecture only – breaking bulk, assortment, atmospherics) Intensive, selective and exclusive distribution Convenience stores Specialty stores Dept. stores Category killers Extreme value retailers Off-price retailers Customer relationship management (CRM) Benefits of the 3 retailing channels Chapter 17 IMC – definition, components of Communications process – know what’s happening in the stages AIDA TOMA Advertising – advantages of Personal selling
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Unformatted text preview: PR 4 budget setting methods Commercial vs. non-commercial speech Chapter 18 Advertising def. Getting attention Push/pull strategies Inform, persuade and remind functions Primary and selective demand Social marketing USP Informational and emotional appeals (and types of emotional appeals) TV, direct mail, newspaper, magazine, and outdoor advertising (advantages and disadvantages of) viral marketing advertising laws public relations general info on various elements sales promotion types of, advantages/disadvantages Cross promotion 7 purposes of sales promotion (as discussed in lecture) Good luck studying!...
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test 4 study guide - PR 4 budget setting methods Commercial...

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