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Test 2 study guide - Global entry strategies – understand...

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Test 2 Study Guide Chapter 6 Business to business (B2B) mktg includes … Characteristics of B2B buying Derived demand Manufacturers, resellers, institutional, government buyers NAICS – and how to use it Stages in B2B buying Need recognition – sources Product specs RFPs Negotiation Vendor analysis 3 factors that influence B2B buying process Exhibit 6.5: different roles in buying center Exhibit 6.6: types of organizational culture 3 type of organizational buying-new buy, modified rebuy, straight rebuy Chapter 7 Globalization aka. Off-shoring – know different types of production WTO – major function Exhibit 7.1: components of a country market assessment GDP, GNI, HDI Marketing size and population growth Tariffs Quotas Dumping Countertrade Trading bloc 5 dimensions factors (Hofstede’s cultural dimensions concept)
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Unformatted text preview: Global entry strategies – understand risk and control in each Global communication strategies Ethical issues – 3 issues Chapter 8 Undifferentiated, differentiated, concentrated, and micromarketing strategies Methods for describing segments (be able to recognize and apply bases of segmentation) Evaluating segment attractiveness (identifiable, substantial, etc) Selecting target markets STP Repositioning Chapter 9 Systematic nature of research Marketing Information Systems Data warehouse Data mining Primary vs. secondary data – advantages and disadvantages of each Syndicated data Observation In-depth interviews Focus groups Questionnaire design (exh. 9-6) Errors in international research (BA section only) Online surveys Experimental research Panel research...
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Test 2 study guide - Global entry strategies – understand...

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