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Background to 9/11 Defining Terrorism: The targeting of civilian populations by violent organizations who hope to spread fear for a political purpose I. Terrorism in America A. Ku Klux Klan B. Anarchists (1880-1920) Haymarket Affair, McKinley Assassination C. Oklahoma City Bombing (1995) II. Terrorism from The Middle East A. Palestinian Israeli Conflicts: 1972 Olympics, Air France 139 Hijacking (1976) B. Iran Hostage Crisis (1979)
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Unformatted text preview: C. Lebanon: US Embassy, Marine Barracks (1983) D . Achille Lauro (Italian Cruise Ship, 1985) E. Pan American Flight 103 (1988) III. Osama Bin Laden A. Background B. Afghanistans war against Soviet Occupation IV. Al Qaeda A. Strategies B. Early Attacks: World Trade Center (1993), US Embassy Bombings in Africa (1998), USS Cole (2000) C. Association with the Taliban in Afghanistan...
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