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Hist 112 Exam 3 Review

Hist 112 Exam 3 Review - Fidel Castro Cuban Missile Crisis...

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Hist 112 Exam 3 Review The exam will consist of three parts: 30 multiple choice questions (2 points each), 5 term identifications (5 points each) and 5 short answer questions (3 points each). Term Bank: In preparing for the Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Identification, you need to use lecture notes, For The Record and America: A Narrative History . Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan Doctrine of Containment Berlin Blockade Korean War Harry Truman HUAC Alger Hiss The Rosenbergs Federal Loyalty Program Joseph McCarthy The Hollywood 10 The Baby Boom Levittown Brown V Board Education Southern Manifesto Martin Luther King, Jr. Rosa Parks Malcolm X SNCC SCLC CORE Montgomery Bus Boycott Greensboro Sit-Ins Freedom Rides 1963 Birmingham 1965 Selma The Orangeburg Massacre Black Power Bay of Pigs
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Unformatted text preview: Fidel Castro Cuban Missile Crisis Berlin Wall Lyndon Johnson The Great Society War on Poverty Civil Rights Act 1964 Voting Rights Act 1965 Ho Chi Minh Vietcong Ngo Dinh Diem Vietnam War Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Tet Offensive 1968 Election Richard Nixon "Peace With Honor" Vietnamization Pentagon Papers War Powers Act Counterculture New Left Kent State and Jackson State SDS Stagflation China SALT Watergate CREEP John Dean Woodward and Bernstein Students are responsible for these documents in For The Record: Chapter 31: Joseph McCarthy, Democrats and Communists William O. Douglas, The Black Silence of Fear Chapter 33: Dwight D Eisenhower, The Situation in Little Rock Chapter 34: Clark Clifford, A Vietnam Reappraisal...
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