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FDR AND THE NEW DEAL I. FDR as President A. Confidence B. The Press C. Presidential Ideology D. Civil Rights II. The New Deal A. First New Deal (1932-34) 1. Relief a. Emergency Banking Relief Act (1932) b. Unemployment Relief--CCC, CWA 2. Recovery a. Agricultural Recovery -- AAA Farm Credit Administration b. Industrial Recovery – NRA 3. Reform a. Glass Steagall Banking Act b. Securities and Exchange Commission
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Unformatted text preview: B. Critics of the New Deal 1. Critics on the Right 2. Critics on the Left Huey Long C. Second New Deal 1. Social Security Act 2. Works Progress Administration D. Overall Results of the New Deal 1. Short Term 2. Long Term a. Welfare State b. Increased Role for Federal Government c. Increased Power of the Presidency...
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