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progressive_outline - III Presidential Progressivism A...

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PROGRESSIVISM I. Background and Definition A. What is Progressivism? 1. Antimonopoly 2. Belief in Social Cohesion 3. Belief in Organization and Efficiency 4. “Stronger on Diagnosis than Remedy” B. Who were the Progressives? C. Profile of a Progressive II. Progressive Proposals A. Democracy B. Efficiency C. Economy D. Social Justice and Welfare E. Morality F. Women’s Suffrage
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Unformatted text preview: III. Presidential Progressivism A. Theodore Roosevelt 1. New Nationalism 2. Business Regulation 3. Reform Legislation B. William Howard Taft 1. Lowers Tariffs 2. Prosecution of Trusts 3. Worker’s Rights 4. Amendments to the US Constitutions C. Woodrow Wilson 1. Election of 1912 2. New Freedom...
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