review 3 - spring 2011

review 3 - spring 2011 - ECON 210 Fall 07 Sankaran STUDY...

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ECON 210 Fall 07 Sankaran STUDY GUIDE MIDTERM # 3 Remember to bring a non-programmable, non-graphical calculator, some pencils, and an eraser. I have tried to include all the important material that you will be tested on in this review sheet. The exam can consist of any material covered in class, regardless of whether it appears on this sheet so read, think back and understand the material covered during our lectures. Also, don’t forget to work on all of your old quizzes and attend the Question-Answer Session scheduled by the TAs. Good luck! CHAPTER 7 – PRODUCTION AND GROWTH 1. Definitions, applications and examples: productivity, physical capital, human capital, natural resources, per capita GDP, investment, World Bank, IMF, Gary Becker (everything he proposed), foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment, diminishing returns, catch-up effect, free trade, inward vs. outward oriented policies, brain drain, child labor, other problems impacting developing countries 2. What are the differences in growth rates of countries attributable to? 3.
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review 3 - spring 2011 - ECON 210 Fall 07 Sankaran STUDY...

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