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Rhetorical Analysis: Essay One Arguments have many strategies. But how exactly does, say, an editorial in Time Magazine convince you to support a political candidate? By doing a rhetorical analysis, you can understand how the components of an argument work together to persuade an audience. Because arguments have many elements, you may need to focus a rhetorical analysis on the elements that stand out, make a piece intriguing, or make it problematic. In this 4 page essay, you should conduct a rhetorical analysis of one of the following, all from the Carolina Reader : Elie Wiesel’s “Am I My Brother’s Keeper Wendell Berry’s “Renewing Husbandry” David Sedaris’s “Chicken in the Henhouse” Your analysis-argument should be written with a college-level academic audience in mind; be sure to use the skills and terms that we’ve discussed in class. In addition to the strategies we have discussed in class, you can begin your analysis by thinking about the following questions:
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