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In the decade between 1960 to 1970 there were people who did not follow the teachings of their elders. They made up the younger generation of their time. They also had an alternative culture which was their very own. Their new culture was such a radical society that they were given a name that it still used today. Hippies. The “Hippie” movement started in San Francisco, California and spread across the United States. They shocked America with their alternative lifestyle and radical beliefs. Hippies were young, between the ages of 15 to 25. (The Hippie Generation, par 1) They all left their families for all different reasons, but mainly because most of them did not agree with their parents’ ideas. Most Hippies came from wealthy middle class families and some people say that they were spoiled and were wasting
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Unformatted text preview: their lives away. The Hippies were mainly known for their sex, drugs, and rock n roll, and it did send shock waves across middle America in the 60s, but they did have a political charged message of peace, love and brotherhood, which also spoke directly to the Civil Rights Movement as well as the unpopular war raging in Vietnam. The Hippie generation had a global influence on music, television, movies, politics, fashion, hairstyles, the arts, and religion. (Chiff) Hollis, Marlon; Humber, Adam; Lemieux, Chris (2010) The Hippie Generation : A Brief look into the hippie culture. Retrieved on May 21, 2011 from, http://users.rowan.edu/~lindman/hippieintro.html Chiff.com (2011) Hippies . Retrieved on May 21, 2011 from, http://www.chiff.com/society/hippies.htm...
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