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Behavior/Scenario Aspect of child development Rationale/Principal with text Communication/Interaction or child interaction reference A five year old pretending the tree house was a “fire station” and he was the “fire chief” 5 year old boys running and jumping on playground A 5 year old girl pushed a stuffed dog in a shopping cart abd said she was “pushing her baby in a stroller” 5 year old girl gave my classmate, Carlos, a flower. Carlos put the flower in his ear to amuse her. She responded by saying “boys don’t wear flowers in their hair, I’m calling you CARLY” 4 and 5 year olds colored, cut and pasted at their tables Preoperational thought / magical thinking Gross motor development Functions of play/cognitive development Psychosexual development Fine motor skills Magical thinking, the belif that events occur because of wishing, characterize this period.(Mckinney,55) Increase in brain myelinization enable the child to perfect gross motor skills (McKinney,107). Play is often imitative, dramatic, and creative. Varoius roles are explored
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development - Behavior/Scenario text...

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