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The first meal that I have chosen is from the breakfast group. I sat down and wondered to myself, “When I eat fruit for breakfast, where does it come from?” So I researched it. What I have found is that certain fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges are mostly grown all over the world. Bananas are grown and shipped over here from different countries though. Bananas grow in South America, South-East Asia, Africa and the Caribbean islands. Hawaii and Florida are the only locations in the US with any significant production. La Palma, one of the seven major Canary Islands also has many banana plantations. The leading apple growing country is China, producing about 41% of the world's apples, followed by the United States, Turkey, France, Poland, Italy, the Russian Federation, Germany, Argentina, Japan, and Chile. Even warmer countries like Iraq and Mexico are able to grow apples in their cooler upland regions. Orange trees grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates. In the United States they grow in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and various islands. Central and South America produce a large number of oranges, especially Brazil. The other meal that I have chosen would have to be another breakfast meal. It is Eggs toast and sausage, one of my most favorable breakfasts. I absolutely love it. Eggs come from all over the place. From what I have looked up, almost every aspect of the world. Every country has their own chickens and their own eggs. You can purchase all these fruits at your local grocery store fruit and vegetable stands.
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Jamie_Minnich_Project2 - The first meal that I have chosen...

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