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Define the major types of job analysis methods and their specific approaches. The first job analysis method is the Work-oriented methods. They include time and motion studies. This is aimed at marketing jobs more efficiently. It focuses on the time it takes to complete various job aspects. Then the motion studies examine the sequence of steps performed to complete a job. Next there is Functional Job Analysis. This is oriented toward what gets accomplished in a certain job. It uses a scale to describe what the workers have to do in their jobs. (1) things, (2) data, (3) people, (4) worker instructions, (5) reasoning, (6) math, and (7) language. Each of the seven scales has several levels, using behavioral statements and illustrative tasks as anchors to assist job analysts in their role. Third there is Critical Incident Technique. This identifies the behaviors that tell the difference between a person with good job ethics and poor job ethics.
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