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1. Why is the role of a primary care physician such an important one in the current health care system? Primary care physicians, including family practitioners, general internists, pediatricians, are the means by which many patients access and navigate a healthcare system. Under most managed-care arrangements, primary care physicians coordinate patient care from various providers and in various settings within a system, thus helping to ensure appropriate care and resource use. Primary care physicians provide the primary care for their patients. They are where you start when you need to see a physician. They are also the ones who refer you to the specialist physicians when they cannot do what you need to have done. They know all your back medical history.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Do you think the current employer-provided health insurance system will continue in the future? Why or why not? I do think that the current employer-provided health insurance system will continue in the future. It has to because that is one of the main ways people have their insurance. Most companies provide insurance for their employees. It really is a big money maker for the insurance. It is also one of the reasons that motivate people to try and find the “good” jobs. It also motivates people to go back to school so that they can get the “good” jobs so that they can get health insurance for themselves and their families. I really do not think that is something that employers want to do away with....
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