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What kinds of cultural changes will hospitals have to make in order to adapt to the changing health care environment? How can these changes be achieved most efficiently Because the science of health care is changing so fast, health care organizations, health plans; hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities; and health care practitioners, need to match that pace of change. While quality health care depends heavily on the building of strong relationships between patients and those who care for them, the systems of care that surround those relationships are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Health care organizations must be willing to learn from other industries that have demonstrated success in making complex systems function better in order to improve quality. While numerous health care organizations already have begun to tackle this task and provide good role models for others, much remains to be done. Implementing the recommendations below will require significant
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Unformatted text preview: cultural change in the leadership, professional participation, and daily work of most of today's health care organizations. I think that the way that these changes can be achieved is by having seminars to educate the employees on the changing in culture so that they are well informed on what is going on in today’s world. What steps are required to change a dysfunctional culture? The first step would be educate and encourage. These are the first steps of any changing culture. Not having the knowledge of how to succeed in the new culture, it can be impossible for the employees to move forward. The more they know the better. The second step is to define expectations. It is to clearly identify what the employees are expected to do in the company. The third step is to acknowledge and celebrate success. And the fourth step is to reward the success. When rewarding the employees for their success the better they will be when there is another culture change....
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