Unit 5 Project - Unit 5 Project(Case Scenario By Jamie...

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Unit 5 Project (Case Scenario) By, Jamie Minnich
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How common is the coexistence of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and punitive reporting systems in the United States nursing homes? In my opinion, I do not think that they are very common at all. You hear more and more today about the mistreatment of the elderly in nursing homes. To me, it just seems that the workers there just do not care about the patients. They figure that because they are old, it does not matter what happens to them. It is happening more and more where patients are falling down and hurting themselves, and the medical staff is not doing anything about it, not even filling out incident reports. It seems to me that maybe one of the reasons why they are being like this is because they do not want the facility’s to get a bad reputation, because the worse the reputation is, the least amount of patients come into the facilities. It is all about the all mighty dollar today. The nursing homes may look to an outsider that everything is going okay, and the patients are being taken care of correctly, but things in some of these places are never what they seems to be from the view of an outsider. Now I am not saying that all nursing homes are like, thins, but
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Unit 5 Project - Unit 5 Project(Case Scenario By Jamie...

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