HW 3 Tips - 1 HW 3 Tips; PHY 131 Sect. 10, 11, 15; Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 HW 3 Tips; PHY 131 Sect. 10, 11, 15; Fall 2010 Prof. Pascuzzi Information you may need; m/s 2 Prob 3.7; Airplane Travelling at Certain Angle b) To find the distance travelled in each direction, simply use the displacement equation above; ( ) applied to that particular direction. Prob 3.14; Adding Vectors A, B & C at Various Angles A = ( A x , A y ) = (+44 cos28, +44sin28) B = ( B x , B y ) = (26.5cos56, +26.5sin56) etc.(dont forget the correct signs!)so that A B + C will simply be ( A x B x + C x , A y B y + C y ) and so on for other vector additions. (note this is problem #14 in your textbook, Ch. 3). Prob 3.41; Extreme Sports Enthusiasts Jumping from El Capitan v x west north v x west north v v a) To find each velocity component, you must sketch the right triangle formed by the two components and the velocity vector itself. Next, but sure to place the components head-to-tail (vector addition) and finally apply SOHCAHTOA to find the northerly and westerly components. See diagram to the right; To find a vector sum such as A B + C , you need to find the components of each vector, then simply add them. Thus, using the diagram shown to the right,.. only to be used when the projectile lands at the same height from which it was launched! a) For any horizontally projected object, you can simply find the fall time just exactly the same way as if the object had been dropped from that height. Remember you have to apply the five kinematics equations shown above separately , because the x-and y-motions are independent in projectile motion. Thus, you can use the displacement equation in the y-direction; and solve for t . BE CAREFUL! Note she does not freefall for the entire 910 m height of the cliff. 2 b) This question asks for the horizontal ( x ) displacement after the time you calculated in a) passes by. Simply use the displacement equation; Introduction to Projectile Motion...
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HW 3 Tips - 1 HW 3 Tips; PHY 131 Sect. 10, 11, 15; Fall...

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