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To: WRT 102 Students From: Program in Writing and Rhetoric Semester: Fall 2010 Subject: Portfolio Instructions To complete and pass this writing course, you must at the conclusion of the course submit a portfolio of the writing you’ve done in this course for review by other readers in the Writing Program. These readers will review your work to determine whether you are ready for the writing that will be expected from you in your other courses as you continue at Stony Brook. The readers will either pass your portfolio or find it unsatisfactory. If they pass your portfolio, you will receive the grade for the course that your professor has determined. If your readers find your portfolio unsatisfactory, you’ll need to repeat the course to bring your writing up to an acceptable college standard. Please complete the following checklist for yourself before submitting your portfolio: I’ve included at least 15 pages (not counting Works Cited pages) of finished and thoroughly revised papers. I’ve included one typed or handwritten in-class piece (not revised), at least two pages, of any
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