diversityreflec1 - Diversity Reflection #1 MGT 540:...

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Diversity Reflection #1 MGT 540: Managing Diverse Organizations February 26, 2011
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It is important that businesses recognize the value of diversity. The success of corporate America calls for a diverse body of talent that can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the workplace. Diversity can enhance a business’s performance and improve teamwork, which can help create an environment where employees treat each other with respect. Diversity gives companies a competitive advantage because different people approach similar problems in different ways. It is imperative that managers try to capitalize on the mixture of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles to respond to business opportunities more creatively. Corporations that have a diverse workforce are better able to communicate with their clients, thereby increasing the quality of customer service. A diverse workplace also promotes overall fairness and increases job satisfaction. Employees feel appreciated for their individual differences when diversity is celebrated. Diversity is no longer just black or white, but about
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diversityreflec1 - Diversity Reflection #1 MGT 540:...

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