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MGT 545Questions - Discussion Questions 1 How can you start...

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MGT 545 Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Discussion Questions 1. How can you support those around you to access their authenticity as a leader? 2. What kind of impact can an authentic leader have in today’s world? 3. What type of approach can a leader take to integrate their life and build a personal support team to gain self-awareness? 4. How can enhancing self-awareness help people find more meaning and connection at work? Realizing What You’re Made Of.
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Unformatted text preview: Discussion Questions 1. How can you start building a life that is full of purpose and possibilities when a tragedy has not occurred? 2. How can leaders stay focused on what is important rather than allowing adversity to knock them off course? 3. What kind of skills can a leader improve on to adapt when multiple changes occur? 4. How can a leader energize, motivate and inspire new optimism in followers?...
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