First Insect Observation

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Jamie Horton ESPM 40 9/26/07 First Insect Observation I chose to focus my insect observation on a group of ants. I’m not sure the type of ant that the group was made up of, but they were light brown in color had noticeable small hairs on them. They were located in a courtyard next to one of the planting areas next to the walkway. This location seemed very well-suited to housing the ants because the walkway is made up of large tiles, leaving them cracks to go in and out of. I couldn’t see what their nest looked like, but through my observation I would guess that its below the tiles, so as to be located safely away from people walking, allow for a consistent temperature, and keep them relatively protected from water. Watching them, I noticed that for the most part they all traveled along a single path, the edge of the walkway just next to the dirt. For the most part they came from one opening, but they had trails moving in both directions. As they walked they would pause when passing another ant, bump into them, feel them and keep moving. I wasn’t sure why
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