CS551DL_FinalSS10 - CS 551 DL F inal Examination D UE...

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Page 1 of 4 CS-551-DL Final Examination DUE: Before midnight, Wednesday 4 August 2010 Directions : 1. This exam is a take-home exam: OPEN BOOKS OPEN NOTES OPEN REFERENCES OPEN PEOPLE (except for other members of this course: past, present or future) 2. You must submit a signed and dated version of the Final Exam Agreement document in which you promise to work on the exam alone, by yourself, except as noted above. You should email this document to cs551dl at cs.colostate.edu before you begin your exam. 3. Please cite any references you use, including people. 4. Please post questions to the Discussion Board if you need any clarification of test questions or rules. I will respond to the message, posting a copy of the question and the answer to the Discussion Board. Send me e-mail ( schauble at cs.colostate.edu ) only if you really can't bear to post the question. 5. If you feel you must make some assumptions, Carefully state all assumptions made; State why you chose those assumptions. (To make the question trivially easy is not a valid reason.) 6. If you feel any of these problems is impossible to solve, explain why. 7. Grammar and spelling may count toward grading in addition to content.
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CS551DL_FinalSS10 - CS 551 DL F inal Examination D UE...

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