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Review Quiz 3

Review Quiz 3 - e-SEQUENTIAL monitor calls are synchronous...

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Sheet1 Page 1 deterministic An example of 1.------grained concurrency is the use of one process for each user job in a time-sharing system. --COARSE A 1.------to-one system "is one which has a static configuration of interactions between individual processes." --ONE Message passing is an example of 1.----- communication; each message needs to be addressed to its intended recipient. --CONNECTIONLESS A 1.----- continues to retest the boolean guarding a critical section until it gains access to that critcal section. NOT NOT Monitor Communicating 1.----- Processes, abbreviated to CSP, is a concurrent programming language developed by Tony Hoare in th
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Unformatted text preview: e--SEQUENTIAL ... monitor calls are synchronous, . .., and are also subject to potential delay, . ... Two possible sources for this delay are mutua l--CONDITION There are two basic approaches which may be used to support rollback: these are logging and 1.-----. --SHADOWING ... operating systems designers now tend to provide exclusive locks and 1.----- locks . ... --SHARED A process is created in UNIX by means of a 1.-----() system call which causes a new address space to be created. --FORK One of the simplest forms of cross-address-space inter-process communication is a 1.-----: one process can send bytes in an u--PIPE...
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