Sociology as an individual pasttime

Sociology as an individual pasttime - choose to associate...

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In Sociology as an Individual Pastime Peter L. Berger proves how Sociology is anything but a pastime. He begins by debunking the stereotype that Sociologist are poll takers and witty statisticians. Even though sociology consists of statistical facts and polls it does not make sociology. Instead, it is a tool used in sociology to “understand society in a disciplined way” and prevent people from discrediting the sociologists claims because of their personal preferences or character. Sociologists are people who question the things that people encounter every day. They are constantly asking themselves how or why people
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Unformatted text preview: choose to associate themselves with certain groups and why those groups have the ideals that they do and aren’t afraid to go behind closed doors or the “culture shock” that comes from doing so. I found his tone in this article very entertaining, especially from someone who is majoring in “the study of little white mice”. At the same time it was very educational. This article was written for people like me who mostly rely on what people say to form many of the perceptions I have. I now know that sociology uses polls and statistics to describe people’s behavior so that they can make an educated conclusion....
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